FUJI Bikes



Fuji Bikes has been at forefront of the development of both a sport and a technology since its founding in 1899. Built on pioneering technology and tested with world-class athletes, Fuji is a foundational brand in an international marketplace and continues to innovate and make the worlds best bicycles.

New Thought was brought on to create two centerpiece videos for Fuji’s 2016 flagship products, the Auric and Rakan mountain bikes, and highly anticipated SL road bike.

New Thought produced, developed, wrote, storyboarded, planned, shot and executed both videos. These large scale stories required extensive pre-production, production, and post production phases such as drone flights, engineered visual motifs, motion control time-lapse, large format 6K video, post-production special effects, pyrotechnics, ATV mounted camera gimbals and large-scale editing. All of these services were provided in-house by New Thought, utilizing our industry leading production tools and team. 

Shot over a 4 week timeframe during the hot Wyoming summer, the videos involved 4 primary locations: Grand Teton National Park, Grand Targhee Resort, Teton Pass, and a studio sound stage.  A decidedly ‘big’ vision, Fuji wanted to see spectacular landscapes and visuals, rugged Teton vistas and challenging biking environments that exuded cinematic thoughtfulness.



Video Production

Produced 2 centerpiece commercial videos for Fuji’s 2016 flagship road bike (SL), and mountain bikes (Auric, Rakan) for international distribution and made to compliment Fuji’s larger international campaign.  Project details include organizing complex outdoor video productions, wrote scripts, storyboarded, scouted, managed, shot, edited, color graded and flew our 4K drone using motion control dolly systems, ATV mounted computer stabilized camera gimbals, and engineered special visual effects involving pyrotechnics.  The videos have been distributed to over 1,000,000 people.


Our Approach

The approach to the Fuji projects was decidedly commercial in feel.  The production value at play raised the bar in terms of general scope.  Our approach was to create a cinematic narrative showcasing the natural, explorative perspective of cycling— sweeping Teton range vistas, aerial drone shots making the rider a speck on a wilderness road, and the almost exotic feeling of a natural downhill racetrack.  The prevailing idea was that of a journey, the road, is what’s important, and that’s feeling riders seek out. The approach was to match the excitement of a trusted company’s new product launch, using our backyard as the canvas.