Jackson Hole hereford Ranch

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The Jackson Hole Hereford Ranch is one of the valley’s oldest and most storied institutions. From its foundations as a homestead on 80 acres in 1898, and stretching over a century to the present day, the ranch has come to symbolize the traditional agriculture and open space that the region prides itself on. Beginning with Robert Porter in the 1930s, and continuing on to Robert Gill today, the same family has owned, operated, and devotedly grown the ranch over five generations.

When Nikki Gill, the Director of Marketing and Sales for JHHR came to New Thought, we worked with her to develop a plan of action to bring the ranch’s dynamic social media following into a more direct interaction with the Ranch. This strategy centered around a website (a first for the ranch) on which customers learn about the ranch, sign up for the CSA, and get in touch with Nikki directly. To tell the story of the ranch, and explain the new programs in greater detail, we decided that New Thought would produce four high-concept informational videos for the website. Finally, in order to maintain consistency across all the new mediums, as well as the already existing ones, the various and disparate brand elements of the ranch needed to be wrangled into a cohesive, unified identity.


Our Approach

Because the Jackson Hole Hereford Ranch is a small, family cow-calf operation, and not a large conglomerate or corporation with a million dollar marketing budget, we needed to be as smart and efficient as possible in our use and allocation of resources. After research, we soon realized that a Squarespace site could provide the digital functionality required of the Ranch, at a fraction of the cost of an entirely custom site or WordPress implementation. Taking this avenue allowed us to focus on crafting truly high-concept videos, photography, and graphics.



By drawing on the Ranch’s existing brand (a valley icon known as the O-V-O) as well as the hand-painted signs that still grace certain country road sides, we created a clean, modern logo for the Ranch that remains instantly recognizable to anyone familiar with the its heritage.




Squarespace made it easy to ensure that the underlying code and structure of the site was rock solid. To set the site apart from others on the same platform, we focused our efforts on crafting quality content. Over the course of four months, our photographers made gorgeous film-inspired images of the Ranch, the Gill family and their employees, and the cuts of beef themselves. Meanwhile, our designer went to work whipping up a custom color scheme, illustrations, and type treatments. Combining these elements, and a few hundred lines of custom code, we had a site the Ranch could be proud of.




Once again looking to the Ranch’s past to inform our efforts, we began with the family’s archive of beautiful 16mm footage of the ranch. New Thought’s production arm then shot interviews with the Gill family and ranch employees, as well as documenting the day to day operations of the ranch, family gatherings, and the meat itself. We wove these together to tell the story of the ranch’s past, its present, and the commitment to community and health that ties them together.