Pinedale Wyoming

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70 miles southeast of Jackson, at the feet of Wyoming’s Wind River Range, lies the town of Pinedale. A small town of 2,030 residents, Pinedale is shaped and supported by two primary industries: tourism, and oil and gas drilling. With the latter in decline, Pinedale needed to find find ways to promote tourism that went beyond putting pretty pictures on billboards. After producing a short video for the town’s Visit Pinedale initiative, we became Pinedale’s agency of record, and set about crafting an entirely new strategy and visual approach for the town.

The Challenge

As gateway to the Wind Rivers and Wyoming ranges, Pinedale is host to jaw-dropping natural wonders, and ample recreation opportunities year round. However, most potential tourists pass up the town in favor of Jackson. Lacking the international name recognition and million-dollar marketing resources of Jackson, Pinedale has had to rely on small numbers of tourists exploring the region, or stopping by on the drive to Jackson.

From day one, we knew that in order to succeed, New Thought’s strategy had to be radically different than any of the town’s previous marketing efforts. We had to craft campaigns that were innovative and eye-catching, while staying lean and efficient.



To establish the town of Pinedale as a tourist and recreational destination in an already crowded Rocky Mountain landscape.



Our first task was to create a winter campaign. After floating many ideas, we decided to maximize our impact by focusing our attention on one single demographic: snowmobilers. Because almost all the land around Jackson is federally protected, snowmobiling opportunities are sparse. However, Pinedale provides easy access to snowmobiling areas in multiple mountain ranges, and room rates far below Jackson’s sky-high resort prices.



The centerpiece of the campaign is a micro-site dedicated to helping riders plan a Pinedale expedition. Beginning with a quick introduction, visitors are then invited to choose the sledding style that most appeals to them. Once a selection is made, potential snowmobilers are presented with rides handpicked by a local expert, complete with trail maps and directions to the trailhead. Finally, the site directs users to avalanche forecasts, gear and permit locations, and lodging options.



With the website built and live ahead of schedule, we shifted the our attention to acquiring visitor’s. Through online ad buys and Google Adwords, we targeted snowmobilers in the surrounding states (Montana, South Dakotah, Colorado, Utah, and Idaho) with ads personalized customized to each region. Snowfall based ads in Weatherbug and the Denver Post, filled out our suite of advertising.