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Jackson Hole is one of the premier vacation destinations on planet earth, offering spectacular scenery, wildlife and mountain adventure in the highest order.  Winter brings everything from skiing and snowboarding to ice skating, fly fishing, sledding and biking paired with 5-star accommodations, cuisine and nightlife, all wrapped up in a tight knit mountain town community. The Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Board required an agency and creative team with full-service capacity, and called on New Thought Media to drive creative strategy and provide on the ground media and communications for the 2015/2016 national ‘Visit Jackson Hole’ destination marketing campaign. The Lodging Tax in Jackson is a hot-button issue, highly politicized and with strong opinions on both sides of the aisle.  We aimed to deliver such dynamic content with a fun, local voice that it sweetened up the locals.

The JHTTB brought on New Thought to accomplish two key goals: Develop and execute a comprehensive content-driven social media strategy for the national Visit Jackson Hole initiative, and Create and deliver a targeted social media strategy to educate and inform the local Jackson population on the value and services provided by the Lodging Tax. NTMI collaborated with two of the regions largest marketing firms to provide a brand-centric, local Jackson voice to the Visit Jackson Hole campaign. The Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Board originally hired New Thought for a smaller local effort and following our success brought us back on to serve in the national effort.

Video Production

New Thought wanted to tell Jackson Hole’s story in as many ways as social media allowed, and one of the most dynamic forms is video. We produced complex video materials for both social media and other campaign initiatives, including a day with Jimmy Chin, which has been distributed to more than 5mm people.

High End Real Estate Photography

High-frequency photography services covering action sports, landscape, wildlife, lifestyle and event photography, used in a variety of campaign applications including social media, web marketing, video, and print — creating a large library of client owned Jackson Hole images to be made available to public organizations seeking to tell the Jackson Hole story.

Social Media Marketing

Developed two separate content based strategies for both the national and local campaign that leverages both agency produced and user-generated-content and included full time network management, community building and outreach for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter - gaining viral traction with engagement from outdoor influencers like Travis Rice.

Live Video Streams

Developed complex live video streams which integrated seamlessly into all of the Visit Jackson Hole social networks — working with Grand Teton National Park and Fly Jackson Hole to coordinate wireless transmission from a fly over of Jackson Hole and the Teton range.

Our Approach

As the local team in this project, our approach was to be representative of the true Jackson Hole interests while creating content and stories that appeal to those outside of our community.  We had ‘boots on the ground’, so our charge was to be present and active daily, and most of all, be vocal local advocate for Visit Jackson Hole and a champion for our community.